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Tall Oaks, Inc. (TOI) was founded on February 19, 1999, in the state of Florida, USA. The company was founded to provide its customers with innovative products, services, and systems. The goal of TOI is to be a base for unique entrepreneurial global business. TOI’s first products were hand carved jade sculptures and jewelry from China. Tall Oaks formed a company in Dalian, China in the Dalian Free Trade Zone, where it operated for about six years. During that time, Tall Oaks imported into China, a US made ceramic insulating coating with excellent success.  The first system imported into China by Tall Oaks was a unique waterproofing system invented by TOI’s founder.
When China became more restrictive to imports, Tall Oaks exported its insulating ceramic coating distribution to Brazil and France; and its unique waterproofing system was exported to Sweden. As marketing and sales shifted to Internet processes, Tall Oaks shifted to digital products, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, content writing and digital services. In parallel, Tall Oaks expanded its waterproofing system to cities in the USA.
Tall Oaks Inc sold its intellectual property rights for its Water Proofing Systems (Aqua Loc) to CGI Northeast Inc. in 2005. And it expanded its digital services by purchasing a Pinpoint Franchise which it used to build a broader USA based Digital Agency, and several e-commerce stores. Tall Oaks Inc. focused more on the Internet and web related activities as time progressed. 
Tall Oaks has expanded into the petroleum industry over the past six years. Tall Oaks is part owner of two patents in the petroleum industry. The patents are for an organic process to remove sulfur from marine fuels, optimize the performance of gas and diesel combustion in engines, and lower the viscosity of heavy oil using Bio cracking of the heavy oil molecules.
Today’s focus for Tall Oaks is building its presence, authority, and reputation in Web3 activities including, products, services, and writing content. Tall Oaks Inc is opening a new Digital Products and Services Agency to support this developing Web3 market. The new agency will be underpinned with highly qualified resources with its headquarters in the USA.

Tall Oaks Inc. has now renamed its Digital Service-based Division as səbset. səbset is now the sole division of Tall Oaks Inc. which provides B2B & B2C IT and Digital Marketing solutions.

Digital Service - Division

səbset is a digital service-based division of Tall Oaks Inc. which provides B2C and B2B IT and Digital Marketing solutions.

Software Development

We develop web-based and mobiled-based softwares ranging from static to dynamic enterprise platforms and applications using cutting-edge technologies


Web3 Services & Blockchain

We develop decentralized apps for your businesses. Our Web3 and Blockchain developers analyze, design, develop, test to offer you the perfect dApp.


Data & AI Solutions

We have one of the most competitive data scientists and AI Engineer who are ready to give you the quality solutions for your businesses.


Digital Marketing Products & Services

We offer a range of services in Digital Marketing including SEO and Social Media Marketing. 

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